Welcome to Rolly Softies, English free amigurumi pattern

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Welcome to Rolly Softies!
Free patterns for your amigurumi


Rolly Softies is the right place if you’re searching for free amigurumi pattern.
In my site you can find a lot of free pattern, from beginner level to advanced level.

I work hard to create simple-to-follow patterns, and I do my best to make them as clear as possible, but I’m not perfect so if you notice a mistake in a pattern or if you have any suggestion to make my amigurumi pattern clearer, please contact me! I’m on Facebook, here, but you can also use the comment section under every post.

Please note that I’m Italian and English isn’t my motherlanguage. I studied it at school, but I’m far from an advanced level so forgive me if my texts aren’t clear or if I made mistakes when I write. Again, I do my best but it’s difficult. You can correct me, though, I really appreciate it because I want to learn.

How can I find the patterns in the site?

On the right you can find the section “Alle the patterns”. There are all the categories of the amigurumi I made, just click on the one you want to explore and you’ll see the complete list, with pictures, of all my pattern. Click on the picture and you’ll see the pattern.

My site is in English and Italian, and it can happen that you see a page in Italian instead of English. Don’t worry! On the right of the page you see two flags. Just click on the Union Jack and you’ll see the English pattern.

I want to print the pattern!

Well, that’s really easy. When you open a page, select the right language then you’ll find a green button under the first picture. It says “Print friendly”. Click on the button and you’ll see the preview of your print. If you want to delete some parts that you don’t need, just click on them and they’ll be erased.

I want to know when you’ll post the next free pattern.

Best thing is to follow me on my Facebook page, ’cause here I update the state of my patterns.
Now it’s possibile to see the progress bar of the next pattern on the top of this page. I update it every time I need it, so it’s totally reliable. There are three bars. I post the pattern when all the three bars are at 100%.

Usually I decide the subject of my patterns alone, thinking about what I like, but if you want to suggest something, you’re welcome. Just use my Facebook page or the comment section, and I’ll consider it. In this case I can’t promise you that I’ll create the pattern, but maybe if you suggest something I like, I’ll do it and it’ll be free.

If you want a custom pattern and you want to be sure I create it, contact me and we’ll set a price together and every detail you want.

Thank you!

Rolly Softies