[Rolly Softies] Teddy bear amigurumi, free pattern

Teddy bear amigurumi, orsetto amigurumi

Teddy bear amigurumi, English free pattern This teddy bear amigurumi was a gift for my colleague’s newborn daughter. I thought a lot about what to make her, then I decided that a classic toy was the best choice. It has simple shapes, but there are a lot of pieces to sew together, so if you’re […]

[Disney] Arlo amigurumi, free pattern

Arlo amigurumi

Arlo amigurumi, English free pattern Welcome to the prehistory with this Arlo amigurumi! The good dinosaur is a 2015 Disney Pixar movie, a beautiful story of a friendship between a little human and a dinosaur. I loved this movie, and when I saw this gorgeous green yarn I thought about making an Arlo amigurumi. Maybe […]

[Rolly Softies] Horse amigurumi, free pattern

Horse amigurumi, cavallo amigurumi

[Rolly Softies] Horse amigurumi, English free pattern This horse amigurumi is one of the most difficult project since when I started the adventure of Rolly Softies. One of my customers has this horse, and one day she sent me the pictures of this beautiful horse and said: “Can you make an horse amigurumi just like […]