[Rolly Softies] Heart amigurumi, free pattern

Amigurumi heart, cuore amigurumi

[Rolly Softies] Heart amigurumi, English free pattern Sometimes you need something special for someone you love, something that helps you to say how important someone for you. What’s better than an handmade gift? This little heart amigurumi is perfect for a special gift. You can use a thin yarn and make a keychain, but if […]

[Rolly Softies] Horse amigurumi, free pattern

Horse amigurumi, cavallo amigurumi

[Rolly Softies] Horse amigurumi, English free pattern This horse amigurumi is one of the most difficult project since when I started the adventure of Rolly Softies. One of my customers has this horse, and one day she sent me the pictures of this beautiful horse and said: “Can you make an horse amigurumi just like […]