[Videogames] Yoshi amigurumi, free pattern

Yoshi amigurumi

Yoshi amigurumi, free English pattern With this Yoshi amigurumi we’ll return to the Super Mario world. If you’re following me from a while, now you know that I love the design of the Super Mario characters. I made Super Mario himself in December, and I already had a free pattern for Kirby, too. Now it’s […]

[Videogame] Animal crossing amigurumi, Katrina free pattern

Animal crossing amigurumi

Animal crossing amigurumi, Katrina free pattern Some of you know that I’m a baby sitter. The boy I work with has 9 years old and he’s a huge videogames fan. His favourite videogame is Animal Crossing, and he wanted me to crochet an amigurumi choosing one of the characters of this videogame. I like the […]

[Videogame] Super Mario amigurumi, free pattern

Super Mario amigurumi

Clicca qui per il testo in italiano! Super Mario amigurumi, free English pattern I already created Yoshi and Kirby from the Super Mario world, and now I had a new request to create a Super Mario amigurumi, so here there’s the free pattern. Super Mario is 26 cm tall, and he is made using acrylic […]