[Rolly Softies] Lalaloopsy amigurumi doll Amelia, free pattern

Lalaloopsy doll amigurumi

Lalaloopsy amigurumi doll, Amelia, English free pattern If you follow my Facebook page or my blog, you sure know that I love doll. From the birth of Rolly Softies until now, I created a lot of pattern for dolls, like the NIN doll or the Disney princess and some anime/manga character. Today I’m here with […]

[Alice in Wonderland] Cheshire cat amigurumi, free pattern

Cheshire cat amigurumi

Cheshire Cat amigurumi, English free pattern Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite Disney movie, it has a lot of colorful characters and I choose to create the amigurumi for the Cheshire Cat, my favourite one. I already made Alice, and you can find the free pattern here. This is a difficult amigurumi, there […]

NIN, amigurumi doll unisex, free pattern

Amigurumi doll

Amigurumi doll unisex, free English pattern NIN NIN is my basic unisex amigurumi doll, a free pattern that allow you to create a chubby body and then transform it into your favourite character. This is a intermediate pattern: Nin’s head and body are worked in one piece, then you have to crochet the feet and […]

[Alice in wonderland] Alice amigurumi, free pattern

Alice amigurumi

Alice amigurumi, English free pattern After the Cheshire cat pattern, I decided to continue with the Wonderland with Alice. I used a different pattern for her, and for the first time I embroidered the face directly on the crochet work, so se has a strange expression but I’m sure it’ll be better with the next […]