[Alice in Wonderland] Cheshire cat amigurumi, free pattern

Cheshire cat amigurumi

Cheshire Cat amigurumi, English free pattern Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite Disney movie, it has a lot of colorful characters and I choose to create the amigurumi for the Cheshire Cat, my favourite one. I already made Alice, and you can find the free pattern here. This is a difficult amigurumi, there […]

[Alice in wonderland] Alice amigurumi, free pattern

Alice amigurumi

Alice amigurumi, English free pattern After the Cheshire cat pattern, I decided to continue with the Wonderland with Alice. I used a different pattern for her, and for the first time I embroidered the face directly on the crochet work, so se has a strange expression but I’m sure it’ll be better with the next […]

[Rolly Softies] Daruma amigurumi, free pattern

Daruma amigurumi

Daruma amigurumi, English free pattern Do you know what a Daruma is? A Daruma is a round Japanese doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the zen sect of Buddhism. Daruma dolls are usually red, with the face of a bearded man. It’s considered a talisman of good luck and perseverance. When you buy a […]

[Videogame] Animal crossing amigurumi, Katrina free pattern

Animal crossing amigurumi

Animal crossing amigurumi, Katrina free pattern Some of you know that I’m a baby sitter. The boy I work with has 9 years old and he’s a huge videogames fan. His favourite videogame is Animal Crossing, and he wanted me to crochet an amigurumi choosing one of the characters of this videogame. I like the […]

[Rolly Softies] Heart amigurumi, free pattern

Amigurumi heart, cuore amigurumi

[Rolly Softies] Heart amigurumi, English free pattern Sometimes you need something special for someone you love, something that helps you to say how important someone for you. What’s better than an handmade gift? This little heart amigurumi is perfect for a special gift. You can use a thin yarn and make a keychain, but if […]