Videogame amigurumi

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Videogame amigurumi, complete list

This is the complete list of all my videogame amigurumi.
All those amigurumi are inspired by a videogame, my favourites are Super Mario and Animal Crossing, but it’s possible that I’ll made other videogame amigurumi in the future.

All those patterns are free, just click on the picture and you’ll see the free pattern.
My site is bilingual so if you click and see the pattern in Italian, just use the flag on the right to change the language. Please remember that English isn’t my motherlanguage and there can be mistakes. If something isn’t clear, you can contact me and I’ll help you as soon as possibile.

If you want to share my patterns you are free to do so, but please DON’T REPOST IT, just share the link! I can keep my patterns free only if people continue to use my site, so if you want to help me, share, share and share.

Thank you

Animal crossing amigurumi videogame amigurumi
Animal Crossing Vanda
Super Mario amigurumi
Super Mario Mario
Kirby amigurumi
Kirby Kirby

Yoshi amigurumi
Super Mario Yoshi



Super Mario