Amigurumi heart, cuore amigurumi

[Rolly Softies] Heart amigurumi, free pattern

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[Rolly Softies] Heart amigurumi, English free pattern

Amigurumi heart, cuore amigurumi

Sometimes you need something special for someone you love, something that helps you to say how important someone for you.
What’s better than an handmade gift?

This little heart amigurumi is perfect for a special gift.
You can use a thin yarn and make a keychain, but if you use a super-bulky and soft yarn you’ll have a beautiful pillow!
You can make a red heart or a bunch of colorful hearts. The better thing? This pattern is extraordinarily simple!

You can make a heart amigurumi in less than 2 hours, and you’ll need only a small amount of yarn. And, as for all Rolly Softies patterns, it’s free.

So, are you ready?


Red yarn
Crochet hook 2,5 mm


Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Hdc: half double crochet
Hd: double crochet
Tc: treble crochet
Inc: increase (2 single crochet per stitch)
Dec: decrease (single crochet across two stitch)
BLO: back loop only
FLO: front loop only

Download the PDF!


Magic ring, 6 sc
Round 1: *inc* (12)
Round 2: *1 sc, 1 inc* (18)
Round 3: *1 inc, 2 sc* (24)
Round 4: *3 sc, 1 inc* (30)
Round 5-9: *sc* (30)
Cup 1: Don’t fasten off, cut the yarn long and secure the loop. Make cup 2.
Now, join the cups.
Put the crochet hook into the loop of the cup 1, work 24 sc in cup 1 and continue with 24 sc in cup 2. (48) Use yarn from cup 1 to sew the 6 loose stitch together.
Round 11: *10 sc, 1 dec* (44)
Round 12: *1 dec, 9 sc* (40)
Round 13: *8 sc, 1 dec* (36)
Round 14: *1 dec, 7 sc* (32)
Round 15: *6 sc, 1 dec* (28)
Round 16: *1 dec, 5 sc* (24)
Round 17: *2 sc, 1 dec* (18)
Round 18: *sc* (18)
Round 19: *1 sc, 1 dec* (12)
Round 20: *sc* (12)
Round 21: *dec* (6)
Close the hole with the needle. Fasten off.

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