Ghianda amigurumi

[Rolly Softies] Acorn amigurumi, free pattern

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[Rolly Softies] Acorn amigurumi, English free pattern Ghianda amigurumi

Ghianda amigurumi

Acorn amigurumi, for people who love fall, like me!

They’re cute, easy and fast: the perfect project to spend a little of time.

You can give them to your children in a basket of fruit amigurumi, or you can use them as a keychain or glue them in a fall garland. Use your imagination!

You just need a few of brown or green yarn, something to fill them and a 3,5 mm crochet hook. Ghianda amigurumi

There are two videos to help you with the difficult parts, because sometimes writing is more difficult than showing! They’re from my English youtube channel. I put there the tutorials for my patterns. It’s still empty, but don’t worry: I’ll add a lot of videos!

Are you ready to begin?


Brown yarn (ICE Yarns Dora)
Light brown yarn (ICE Yarns Dora)
3,5 mm crochet hook


Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Hdc: half double crochet
Hd: double crochet
Tc: treble crochet
Inc: increase (2 single crochet per stitch)
Dec: decrease (single crochet across two stitch)
BLO: back loop only



6+1 ch.
Round 1: 5 sc, 6 sc in the last ch.
Work these 6 sc like they’re a magic ring.
Round 2: *inc* (12)
Round 3: *1 sc, 1 inc* (18)
Round 4: *1 inc, 2 sc* (24)
Round 5-6: *sc* [Tot.48]
Light brown.
Round 7-15: *sc* (24) [Tot.216]
Round 16: *2 sc, 1 dec* (18)
Round 17: *1 dec, 1 sc* (12)
Round 18: *dec* (6)
Close the hole using the needle.

For the first part, you can watch this tutorial for the strawberry amigurumi: it’s the same.


The shell is worked using the popcorn stitch with 2 dc. For the round 3 and 4, you have to work in the holes between the popcorn stitches.

Magic ring, 6 sc.
Round 1: *1 popcorn stitch, 1 ch, 1 popcorn stitch* in the same sc. Repeat all around (12)
Round 2: *1 popcorn stitch in the 1st space. 1 popcorn stitch, 1 ch, 1 popcorn stitch* in the next. Repeat all around (18)
Round 3: *1 popcorn stitch, 1 ch* (18)
Fasten off.
Pass the stem through the magic ring of the shell and sew the shell to the fruit.


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