How to choose the perfect crochet hook for your amigurumi

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How to choose the perfect crochet hook for your amigurumi

Uncinetto per gli amigurumi

How to choose the perfect crochet hook for you amigurumi?

This is a very important question when you start to crochet the amigurumis. The crochet hook is the most important tool we have when we create our crochet plushes, so when you choose it you have to be careful and valutate what you’re buying.

I think there are three things you should check when you choose your crochet hook.

1. Comfort

You should choose a crochet hook that doesn’t hurt your hands.
There are a lot of crochet hooks on sale, but I think the ergonomics one are the best.

I’m currently using these and I’m very happy with them, they’re confortable and they’re cheap, that’s always a good thing.

2. Material

Say no to plastic crochet hooks!
Okay, maybe you use crochet hooks and you love them, but I think they’re the worst kind of crochet hook of this world.
I bought them because they were very cheap (and they were light blue, color that I love, but this is another story) and I regretted it almost immediately.

Use metal hooks, better the aluminium ones. They won’t ruin your yarn, that can happen when you use plastic crochet hooks.
The best crochet hook I have ever used are these one from Clover. I highly recommend them, though they’re quite expensive.

3. Size

The size matters!
The most common mistake in amigurumi is a crochet hook too big that leaves holes in your work. It’s ugly, isn’t it? You have a perfect toy with a lot of holes between the stitches and the filling visible between them.
A good rule is to use a crochet hook smaller than the one reccomended on the label of the yarn. To do this, I always prefer to buy a set of crochet hooks, so I have all the size. The same yarn can have different thickness for different colors, so better to be prepared.


They’re only three rules, but they’re very important and even though they seem easy, they’re not.
Often you can’t try the crochet hooks you want to buy, and often you have to order them online. I searched a lot before finding the crochet hook I like, so when you see the crochet hook you just bought doesn’t fit you, just sell it and buy another one. It’s not you the problem, it’s the crochet hook!

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